Tantra massage – between therapy and pleasure

By definition, tantric massage is a sensual procedure for body and mind, whose bennefits are very appreciated in the Hinduism religion. If you didn’t tried a tantric massage so far, you have every reason to do it, because it is an experience that will bring you satisfaction from many points of view. Discover in this article what involves this type of massage, who you can get a tantra massage and what are its benefits.

What does tantric massage mean?

Though you might think that the tantric massage’s purpose is only to explore our erotical side, it means more than that. Tantric massage is based on Indian and Thai techniques and it has bennefits for the entire body, not just for erogenous areas and sexual organs. There are many similarities between ordinary and tantric massage; for example, any tantric massage session will begin by applying aromatic oils that are designed to fluidize blood circulation while relaxing the muscles and warming the skin.

Then, in order to release the accumulated tension in the body, certain areas of the body will be stimulated by touching. For women, these erogenous areas are the neck, shoulders, and the upper back generally. For men, the tantric massage works very well for the butting of buttocks and for the basin.

Who can get a tatric massage?

Tantric massage is suitable for anyone who wants to relax in a very pleasant way. Often, this type of massage invites those who occupy very stressful jobs, tantric techniques being the perfect way to relieve themselves. Also, a tantric massage could be a good choice for those who want to bring back the passion in their couple. Perhaps you did not already know, but there is the possibility in the parlors to ask for massage for couples, a unique experience for both partners. The results? The sexual tension will reach the maximum odds!

Tantric Massages: benefits

The benefits of this type of massage offers, on the one hand, the release of sexual energy, and on the other hand, it is a wonderful way to relax.

In principle, the release of sexual tension is achieved within a professional tantric massage by focusing on the throat and the ears. The movement is a specifical one: with the thumbs, will start a slight push of a column, climbing to the neck area. Then, the neck is touched through circular movements. The ears (more precisely the lobe of the ear), other important erogenous zones, are also massaged by circular movements using the thumb and forefinger.

Regarding the second benefit of tantric massage and relaxation, it is important to mention that this massage also uses acupuncture techniques. In fact, from this point of view, the tantra of the massage does not differ from the typical relaxing massage.

Overall, tantric massage relaxes the body, frees the mind, and creates a general state of well-being. However, the full benefits of such a message are, however, only experienced within a specialized massage parlour, like Black Velvet, where specific experiences exist in specific techniques.

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