Practice safe sex – How can oral sex make you vulnerable to STDs and HIV?

While it’s true that there’s nothing more satisfying than oral sex, it is also true at the same time that oral sex can make you susceptible to the different forms of sexually transmitted diseases. This is why doctors always recommend partners to engage in safer sex so that they can keep a distance from such harmful diseases which can even get fatal at times. Safe sex is all about safeguarding yourself and also your partner from all sorts of infections which come from sex. When you practice safe sex, you can remain healthy and this can make your sex better as well.

Safe oral sex is a must and unless you’re able to understand the importance and necessity of having safe oral sex, you will always be at high risk of incurring diseases. Read on the concerns of this post to know more.

Safe sex protects you from STIs and HIV

STIs are nothing but infections which are easily transmitted from one partner to another when they engage in sexual activities. Anyone who is engaging in anal, vaginal or oral sex with his or her partner is allowing skin-to-skin contact with the other partner and this makes them vulnerable to getting affected by STDs and other diseases. As long as safer sex is concerned, it involves taking steps to safeguard yourself and the partner from having such diseases.

There are definitely several ways in which you can practice safe sex. One of the most common and popular ways is by utilizing some barrier methods like condoms or female condoms or even dental dams whenever you engage in having anal, oral or vaginal sex. If you use such barriers or obstacles, they will cover the genital area and then protect both you and your partner from eating up the body fluids even after coming in close contact with them.

A part of safe sex also includes getting checked regularly. Even though you may always be using condoms, you should still perform few tests so that you can be sure about your body and health. There are in fact several STDs which don’t give you any symptoms and you won’t have any idea about whether or not you’re infected. Hence, regular testing is the only way in which you can know whether or not anyone among the two partners is infected.

How to avoid STDs?

 You can stick to those sexual activities which can never spread STDs like having outercourse or mutual masturbation. This is a great way of gaining pleasure and also being extremely intimate with your partner. However, if you fail to control your desires and if you take off your underwear to touch each other, it is better to opt for the safer method by utilizing barriers.

The only way in which you can remain totally sure about not having STD is by not involving yourself in any sexual contact but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. You should practice safe sex with the use of barrier methods.

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