Heat Up Your Sex Life with Ice

The days are getting longer and warmer and summertime is just around the corner. But no matter how much you love the sun, during the hottest time of the year, the mercury sometimes simply rises too high. As a result, summer loving may sometimes be put on hold as many couples simply don’t like to be around each other all sticky and wet. Of course, we can put our A/C on full power in order to stay cool, however, isn’t there really a sexier and more exciting way to lower the temperature during the summer? If you ask us, the answer to this question is yes, of course! In fact, there are plenty of sexy and exciting ways that allow you and your partner to stay cool during summer sex.

Although some of us may have never thought about it before, one of the sexiest and coldest ‘’sex toys’’ can be found right below our nose: ICE! That’ s right, with a simple ice cube from your freezer, you’ll be able to really spice things up. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab yourself some ice from the freezer and check out the tips below brought to you by Luvkis on how to have a chilly and exciting summer sex experience that you’ll never forget!

1) Slip ‘N Fall

If you’re looking for an exciting summer foreplay game, the slip ‘n fall is perfect for you! Grab yourself an ice cube and slowly rub it over the underwear of your partner. While rubbing it over the underwear, slowly work your way towards the edge and gently rub it around the edges touching the skin. After rubbing it around for a couple of minutes, ‘’accidentally’’ drop the ice cube into the underwear of your partner. While he is recovering from the chilly shock, you tell him that you better get in there quick to recover the missing ice cube

2) Frosted kisses

The idea of frosted kisses is simple but believe us, it’s oh so exciting! For this little foreplay game, simply grab yourself an ice cube and rub it around your lips until they are freezing cold. Once it feels like your lips are turning into ice cubes themselves, put aside the ice and start kissing your partner. Kissing him with ice cold lips is guaranteed to create an extraordinary experience. The temperature difference between your freezing lips and hot tongue will blow his mind like never before. When you want to try something even more exciting, you can always move down a bit and use your freezing lips to please other parts of his body. 

3) (N)ice and Slow

This exciting little foreplay is perfect for hot and sticky days. Again, grab yourself an ice cube and place it in your partner’s hand. Then, gently place his hand with the ice cube on your stomach and guide him by sliding it over your body up to your neck. Once he has reached your neck, you can gently redirect him to your chest and slowly move his freezing hands around your nipples. Now that you’re all cooled down, propose your partner to warm you up again using his mouth.

4) Hot and Cold

Combining the sensations of both hot and cold leaves you with an unforgettable experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind. This is why the following trick is one of our favorites when it comes to summer sex. While performing oral sex on your partner, hold an ice cube in your hand and slowly rub it along his stomach and inner thighs. You can even slip the cube in his mouth while performing oral sex, creating a sensational change in temperature and moistness that is guaranteed to leave your partner begging for more.

5) Frosty Massage

Nothing is better to get your partner in the mood for summer sex than an ice-cold massage. Simply use some ice cubes or ice water to cool down your hands until they are nice and cold. Now, use those frozen hands of yours to give your partner a sexy and cold massage. The cool touch of your hands will get his body all worked up and is guaranteed to leave his senses tickled. Once your hands are heated up again after the massage, it’s time to move on to the main event!


Playing around with ice is fun and exciting but sometimes, we simply need a bit more stimulation to turn ourselves on. Luckily for us, ice-cold summer foreplay is not restricted to using ice cubes only! In fact, there are certain sex toys that offer great possibilities when it comes to playing with temperature. Take any sex toy made from metal or silicone, for example. These materials naturally react to temperature quickly which makes them fantastic to play around with. Simply grab your metal vibrator or realistic silicone dildo and place it into a bowl of hot (not boiling) or ice water in order to change the temperature of your toy. This allows you to play around with temperature, leaving you with a great and sexy way to start off an exciting night during the summer or winter months.

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