Dating Apps: What You Need To Know

Dating is a part of life, and like every other aspect of our lives has been impacted immensely by the advent of technology, social media, and mobile applications. Mobile apps are becoming very popular nowadays, thanks to the fact that it makes the entire dating thingy less stressful. Therefore, if you are single and somewhat shy, but desperate to meet someone, one of the best places to do so is online or better still, via mobile apps.

But why dating apps, you ask? Dating applications come with several benefits which are outlined as follows in the next few paragraphs:


Dating apps save you a lot of time. You don’t have to sign up on dating sites with exasperating pop-up boxes appearing every five seconds. With a dating app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can log in to check your activity, updates, and send or respond to messages while you are on the go. No time is wasted; instead, you are saving a lot of time that you can channel to other aspects of your life.


Gone are the days when you will sign up on your favorite dating site and then having to rush back home at the end of a grueling working day to see if anyone had tried to get in touch with you. It was a bothersome situation which mostly resulted in the loss of someone special due to late responses.

But with a dating app, that entire problem is swept under the carpet. Dating apps are installed on mobile devices which you carry along with you everywhere you go. This is super convenient as there is no need to rush home every evening just to check if any interesting person has contacted you.

A dating application checks your account, and if there is any activity, you are notified almost immediately via an alert on your smartphone or device. You can start chatting right away, depending on whether you like the person or not.


Signing up on dating websites can be tedious: if you have used them before, you can attest to this fact. In most of these websites, you cannot avoid filling up lengthy questionnaires which do not only take up too much of your time but can also be incredibly annoying. But this is not the case with dating apps: all that you have to do is to download the relevant application and install it on your smart device. Then you fill up the boxes asking for your email address, password, and other preferences. Then you are ready to go. This user-friendly set up is effortless, and you can start meeting people who appeal to your interests almost immediately.

In the light of this, a new dating app will soon be hitting the market within the next few days which is targeted at revolutionizing the dating world. This dating app, called Piin, is presently the only mobile application that allows users to connect with other like-minded individuals in real time.

The goal of the creators of this innovative dating application is to bring serendipity and spontaneity – which is getting rare nowadays – back into dating. Piin is all about focusing on meeting that exciting person in real life.

Piin comes with an avalanche of unique and state-of-the-art features that you will never find on other dating mobile applications. Therefore, say no to swiping; date intelligently and efficiently.

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