Data and social media can be your best friend. Or your worst enemy. Our virtual lives often seem separate from our actual lives, but every little bit of ourselves we put out there actually provides indicators on how we’re feeling, both physically and mentally. Adam Sadilek, a computer scientist at the University of Rochester, has helped create a model that can show the spread of disease by scanning Twitter data. How cool this this? “Our model then predicts if and when an individual will fall ill with high accuracy, thereby improving our understanding of the emergence of global epidemics from people’s day-to-day interactions,”

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Doesn’t that sound cheerful? How about this: Scientists also used Twitter to determine when we were happy. (Moods are lowest first thing in the morning.) But data and the amount of data captured is also worrisome. Especially if you are a Mallorca escort and use social media, or allow escort agencies to manage social media for you. The basic rule is – once it out there, it is out there forever. And if you think you can keep your professional social media life separate from your personal social media existence, you need the skills and intellect of a trained intelligence operative, a major organised criminal or a Sherlock Holmes!

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If you do not think it that big an issue because you have different accounts for work and personal, you are on the way to being screwed over by big tech. If you do not believe me, download your data from Facebook. It is easy enough to do. And freaking terrifying. And they do not even show you the deep dive data that they use to analyse you and sell you to advertisers. Think about that for a second. They sell access to your entire life, but will not give you the same access. And if you go onto Google and use their image finding system, you can use some of the most advanced facial recognition software in the world to find images to match anything that is on social media. Forever, whether it hidden on a website or ten years old. If Google has ever seen it, they can find it again. And Google sees everything on every website.

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