3 Hot Contemporary Romance Novels

Reality is usually dull and disappointing for most of us. We work, we get home, we sleep, and do the same thing over and over again until it is time to retire and we find ourselves bored with daily life. For this reason, reading a romance novel has become one of the most popular ways to escape the mundane and boring day to day life.

Although there are now so many genres of free books available, free romance books are still at the top of the must-read list. The number one reason why readers are still fascinated with this very old genre is because these novels are filled whirlwind romances between two people, their journey in love, self-discovery, which always culminates with a very emotionally satisfying and most likely optimistic ending.

For those looking to dive deep into a romance novel that will surely quench your thirst for books in this genre, here are top 3 free romance books suggestions worth checking out:

#3: The Dashing Widow By Elizabeth Bramwell

Readers who are looking for a romance novel that focuses on how opposites attract, The Dashing Widow will be an excellent choice. The story focuses on the relationship between two very different people, Abigail Merriweather, an impulsive, willful, and headstrong woman George, the stuffy and traditional Earl of Gloucester.

At first, the two are forced together by the Earl’s sister, who happens to be Abigail’s best friend, but despite their differences, they soon find comfort in each other. Their relationships evolve into a friendship with stolen glances and hidden smiles, which may become a love that turns into a scandal involving their friends and family!

#2: Hot Agua By Zoe Delambre

Are you looking for free books that will give you more than just a romantic storyline? Hot Agua might just be the steamy romance/mystery novel for you! Join Sarita Salt, a broken-hearted Texan, now proud New Yorker try to reconnect with old friends and find her roots to help her heal.

Of course, the story won’t be complete without finding out her blind date is actually a Mexican billionaire that finds herself falling for, fast. Before she can have her happily ever after with her dream man, she has to figure out why she’s a marked woman. Get ready for this spicy, sexy, and deliciously fun novel.

#1: Counting On Success By Carmen Klassen

Read about the life-changing journey of Lisa Naylor as she leaves behind her dysfunctional home-life right after graduating to make a name for herself in the big city. However, not long after, she finds herself broke, alone, and weighing major decisions to transform herself from small-town girl to a successful big-city career woman.

Will she choose to come home and save her mother while giving up all her dreams? Live Lisa’s life and read as she becomes the woman she was always meant to be.

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